For those who don’t know, stamped concrete is a type of concrete that is dyed and textured to offer the illusion of patterns that resembles wood, stone, slate, and bricks. Stamped concrete serves as a sustainable and affordable substitute for natural stone or bricks. It is available in a lot of finishes. Aside from that, it’s also a great change from laying traditional and dull concrete in your living areas.  

Stamped concrete is an appropriate option for homeowners looking to experiment with style. Stamped concrete offers homeowners a huge variety of options within a reasonable budget, whether chosen for practical purposes or style.  

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, stamped concrete is also affordable and practical. Today, we are going to share with you some common designs of stamped concrete that you can use in your home: 


This huge and light-colored stone design is best for adding a touch of charm and elegance to poolside and patios. This design improves the visual appeal of the flooring since it has a random interlocking style mimicked from actual hand-cut sandstone. It reproduces a smooth edge and rough texture. This makes it ideal for outdoor use.  

Red Brick 

The red color style of red brick stamped concrete greatly copies the look of bricks. Thus, this stamped concrete style offers a similar feel and appearance of actual red bricks. It is best for driveways and entryways.  


Faux wood stamped concrete copies of the texture and feel of wooden planks. The design can also copy the tree rings of actual wood material. It is best for keeping the thermal mass of the flooring. It’s also an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor areas.  


Cobblestone stamped concrete copies if the natural hand-cut style of cobblestones. It skillfully imitates the pattern of rounded and irregular corners found in nature. This style is created using a random interlocking pattern. This makes it ideal for entryways and outdoor staircases.  


This type of stamped concrete style consists of realistic shadows. This makes it the best option for areas with an old-school feel. Additional hues splashed throughout the stamped flooring also showcase the accents and texture on concrete. This improves the room’s depth.  

Why Use Stamped Concrete? 

The stamped concrete’s surface is easy to walk on, smooth, and even. Because of this, stamped concrete is a lot easier to maintain compared to other materials. Also, you will only have to exert minimal effort when cleaning stamped concrete. This is particularly true if you apply a protective seal to protect it from damage.  

A mild soap is enough to maintain the condition of your stamped concrete. Also, it has lower possibilities of cracking. Thus, it stops weeds from sprouting from the ground. But, you have to keep in mind that stamped concrete isn’t immune to damages. This is particularly true if it comes from sharp objects, hot tires, harsh chemicals, and oil spills. Thus, you’ll have to reseal your stamped concrete every couple of months to maintain its look and quality.