For a lot of applications, the first choice around the world is concrete. Homeowners utilize concrete for every single thing. This includes highways, bridges, parking lots, driveways, pavements, and much more. However, while it’s extremely durable, it does not last forever. Since it is exposed to a couple of elements like constant car traffic and weather, concrete can deteriorate over time and will need repair.  

Here are a couple of indications that show your concrete driveway or pavement is in need of urgent repair: 

Pooling Water 

The right drainage is crucial to your concrete’s lifespan. It is an indication that your concrete does not have the proper drainage if the water is standing in the driveway or pavement after it rains. You should get it fixed right away if you see pooling water on the concrete before the problem becomes worse.  

Indications of Aging 

While there’s a form of concrete that can possibly last over 100 years, concrete can still be worn away and fade over time. It can appear shabby and faded. The UV rays of the sun can penetrate the pavement and begin to oxidize the surface, aside from the constant traffic and rain. This can weaken the concrete. This results in potholes and cracks.  

An Uneven Look 

It is an indication that your concrete needs urgent repair if you notice your previously smooth concrete driveway or parking lot starts to slope. The reason for this is that shoddy foundation work or weather conditions might have affected the concrete. You’ve got to ensure you get your concrete fixed as soon as you see its uneven appearance since it can result in severe problems like breaking and crumbling.  


Potholes exist whenever the ground under the concrete contracts and expands, just like cracks. In addition to that, potholes can also exist due to constant traffic over the weak area. A pothole is more hazardous when compared to cracks. The reason for this is that the hole can cause severe damage to the vehicles that run over them. That’s why it is best to fix them right away.  

Appearance of Cracks 

One indication that you require concrete repair is the appearance of cracks. Cracks occur whenever the soil under the concrete expands and contracts because of the changing weather conditions. Typically, cracks are worsened by chemicals. This includes de-icing salt, gas, and oil that penetrate through the concrete and deteriorate it. Water can even worsen cracks whenever it leaks into them, where it expands and freezes later.  

When assessing a crack, you have to keep in mind its depth, width, and length. You have to fix it right away if the crack is deep, wide, and long.  

Perhaps it is time to have a concrete restoration if you see any of these indications appearing in your concrete parking lot or driveway. If you want high-quality concrete repair, do not hesitate to hire a professional concrete contractor. Make sure you hire one that has a lot of experience when it comes to fixing concrete.