Trees, with their roots, can go deep underground. Almost every tree removal expert cut down the tree and leave its stump. A lot of individuals feel that leaving a tree stump is natural because trees are things that mother nature offers. But, there are a couple of reasons why you should not ignore the removal of the tree stump. 

The stump might blend in your lawn and will appear like a great lawn accessory. However, this does not often happen. There are several reasons why you’ve got to hire professional tree service Wichita company to remove the tree stump. This includes: 

Disease and Infestations 

Without a doubt, rotting wood will attract vermin and insects. That is a fact. It can harbor illnesses and might spread to other plants in your lawn. You can be placing your other plants at risk if you let the stump exist in the lawn. It’s vital to keep in mind that stumps are a lot more prone to diseases and pests compared to living trees.  

Takes Up Valuable Space 

Of course, a tree stump can take up space in your lawn. This is important because that space can be better utilized to build a play place, create a flower bed, plant new trees, add a pool, and much more. Having the right tree care experts will guarantee that your new projects aren’t spoiled because you’ve got a stump that is blocking the area.  

Lowers Efficiency 

It is a lot simpler to maintain a yard, lawn, or garden if it does not have a stump that obstructs you when you are doing your chores. When you have the stumped removed, you will not have to worry about it coming in the way of your tasks, such as mowing.  


Stumps can prove to be a safety hazard. This particularly true if you’ve got kids and pets. You are always at a risk of tripping over the stump if it is near your walkway. Of course, you might injure yourself with this. It can be a possible lawsuit if someone else trips over the stump and injure themselves. Stumps might damage your lawn tools as well. 

Improve Property Value 

A lot of real estate agents believe that tree stumps make a property appear less attractive to potential buyers. The reason for this is that they appear out of place and are unappealing. Of course, a tree can greatly improve your property’s value. However, if it is only a stump, it might lower its value. 

Boost Curb Appeal 

It’s not common to see a stump that will appear great in your lawn. You might find photos online of stumps that look excellent. However, it is extremely hard to achieve that look. Eventually, the stump will become an eyesore. You might feel less inclined to relax on your lawn if you’ve got an unappealing stump. It is ideal to hire the experts to get rid of the stump and make your lawn attractive again by allowing grass to grow over it.