There are some things unique about our area and we
want you to be prepared.  
This is not Gatllnberg!  Briar Rose
is in a pretty rural area of the Central Mountains norh
of Asheville.  
Services (like gas and food) are few and far
between.  You will not want to arrive here without
food or you
will spend your precious vacation days driving just to go to a
grocery store.  So please
print the driving directions from the
bottom of the cabin pages (or this page) and
read them
so you will see where the grocery stores are that you will pass
on your way here.

Restaurants:  There is one small cafe within 2 miles of
the farm.  The
Trust General Store Cafe is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Breakfast is  
served only on weekends. Hours are limited so don't expect  service beyond 7 PM. A menu is
available in the notebook at your cabin for more information.

Cell Phones: Because of our rural mountain location, cell phones do not work here.  You may get cell
service at the Duckett Top Tower up the road, or on the nearby mountain tops, but service is spotty.  

Phone Usage: Use our main phone number (828-622-7329) for an emergency contact number and we
will be happy to convey any messages of an emergent nature to you.  The
Farm Cabin has a phone; that
number is 828-622-3230, long distant calls are included.

What to Bring

Food and Drinks:  Again, please note that our "local" grocery stores are more than 17 miles away (30
minutes driving time).  The grocery stores you will pass on the way to the farm are noted on the
 listed on the bottom of the cabin pages.  We encourage you to print these directions even if
you have a GPS as they contain more local information that could be most helpful.  

Alcohol: Madison County is a dry county and only beer and wine are available in Hot Springs.  Small cafes
and convenience stores close to the  farm have minimal supplies.  You don't want to spend your vacation
driving to the grocery store, so stock up before you come!

Movies: The Farm Cabin has a VHS player with lots of titles there while the Sweet Briar and Knob Cabin
have DVD players and very limited titles.

Books and Games:  All the cabins have an assortment of books by local authors, nature books, and short
stories, but nothing is better than your own good book around the fireplace in the evening or out on the
porch.  All cabins have some games but the
Farm Cabin has the best supply.

Shoes: Our ground is uneven so sturdy shoes are recommended for hiking.  Kids enjoy the creek and
barnyard with rubber boots.  You don['t want to try to hike in flip flops!

Flashlights:  It gets really dark here at night so if you plan to do much walking around after dark, you might
want to bring a flashlight.  This is the country - we have NO street lights!

Fishing Equipment:  Nearby streams are stocked with rainbow and our native speckled trout.  Licenses
are available within a few miles of the farm.

Swimsuits:  Our local swimming hole is about 7 miles down the road and the spa in Hot Springs has mineral
water for tubing.  The hot tubs at the cabins are private, so swim suits are optional.

Bedding: Linens and towels are provided at the cabins.

Cookware & Utensils: All basic cookware and utensils are provided but if you require something special,
such as a crock pot or cupcake tins, you may wish to bring those.  Paper goods are provided at the cabins.

Driving Directions:   Please print!
From the northeast
From the northwest
From the west
From the south
From the east
Briar Rose Farm                                    828-622-7329
Briar Rose Farm - Vacation Cabin Rentals
91 Duckett Top Tower Rd., Hot Springs, NC 28743
What to Bring
Our Farm
with a variety of animals and
crops,. We invite you to some
of the sights on the farm and
things to do right here!
Knob Cabin
Located on a high Knob, total
privacy and an incredible
view!  Sleeps up to three.
Sweet Briar Cabin
Located above the main farm,
offers privacy and peace,  it
sleeps up to  three.
Farm Cabin
Located right on the farm,
close to creek and animals,
sleeps up to five.